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Do you need records copied via subpoena or authorization? We can help you with that. Our experienced team of discovery professionals will prepare all the necessary paperwork such as subpoenas and authorizations and notices. We will then serve the required paperwork and continue to follow up to demand production of the requested records form the facilities. Call today to let us know what your needs are.

Subpoena Service

We take a proactive approach to obtaining medical legal records on your behalf. We prepare all necessary paperwork to serve subpoenas on behalf of the applicant attorney. We follow up with necessary phone calls to make sure we get the records expeditiously.

Record Review

We go through the records we copy and identify the injury areas. A summary is placed in a word document and the summary can be used to quickly go through the records obtained. Let us show you a sample of our record review summaries.


Paperless Solutions

Let us help your firm go paperless. We can help your office go from overwhelming clutter into an advanced organized system of filing. You will have every one of your files electronically stored on your server.


IT & Computer Services

Our technicians are well trained and hold Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) titles. Advanced has quick turnaround time on help desk solutions for almost any technical problem.



News & Events

02 Feb., 12
DWC changing some e-filing rules to allow more flexibility.

07 Feb., 12
Division of Workers' Compensation to host electronic filing expo in San Bernardino on Feb.. 28.

01 Feb., 12
Fee schedule adjustments for outpatient hospital/ ambulatory surgical centers posted.


"Alex has spoiled me so much that for a time I did not want to refer him to anybody because I thought he might not tend to me as much but that is not the case "

-PS, Applicant Attorney

"Alex is here when we need him and takes care of all our IT needs in a timely manner. "

-JS, Office Manager